Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Art in My House- Featuring: Hallmarket friends! (part 1)

Hi friends!

Well, I'm breaking tradition with the title up there... but that old format was boxing me in too much! I need to be free to title my blog posts however I want!!

Anyway, since the Hallmarket Art Fair is coming up next week, I wanted to write a couple of Hallmarket-themed posts here for you. Personally, I have only experienced one year of Hallmarket, but I came home with lots of great treasures last year and thought I would show them off!

This lovely little zombie-toast mosaic was made by Donna! It is hanging over my kitchen sink, and fits right in with my toast and tiki kitchen decor.

I'm pretty sure I got the little cookie cutter weenie from a rummage sale, and that little bird has been around for quite a while. I found him in Mexico as a teenager.

Donna will be selling more mosaics this year, and you can check out her flickr site for more pics, here!

This yarn-haired girl is hanging in my studio/library, and was made by Flora!

I found that little Figgjo Lotte Plaque, designed by Turi Oliver, at an antique shop here in Kansas City, and I made the block print of the cat last year.

Flora will be selling all kinds of cute prints, brooches, rings, and more this year- check out her blog to see more of her stuff, here!

See the little waving sasquatch there? No? Ok, hang on...

There he is! This little teeny guy was made by Mimi! He's hanging in this little nook in my studio/library, and he makes me happy whenever I see him waving at me :^)

He's nestled between a picture of me and my pals Sophie, Anne, and Kari, and that cute old Bambi puzzle from the 60's that I found at a thrift shop in Milwaukee.

Mimi will be selling more tini-mimis this year, and I wish I could point you to a blog with more of her work, but I got nuthin' for ya!

Stay tuned next week for more Hallmarket goodies!

The poster was designed by Maura! Look at her stuff here!

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