Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Art in my House- Featuring: Hallmarket Friends! (Part 2)

Hi-ya Pals!

Hallmarket is this weekend! I'm pretty excited to get me some sweet art :) My little Nuggies are all pretty much done, and now I'm just making the tags, and putting together a few other items to sell. I will report back with some pics next week!

But for this week, I want to show you the second half of my home Hallmarket collection! Won't you join me...

In the bathroom?? Yes, I believe art belongs in every room of the house-- and as a matter of fact, this is one of my favorite little vignettes. I love my little roller skating monster guy by Colin Walsh hanging out next to the TP and the mag rack (which I found dumpster diving).


He makes me quite happy whenever I see him.


Now this cute little postcard was created by Colin's wife, Sarah! I love Big Bad Wolf imagery, and I just think it was such a good Idea for Little Red to carry mace with her on her trip to Granny's.


I hung this piece next to my bookcase, with the hugging dino and penguin drawing that my genius friend Michael made, and the sheet of mint condition Treasure Troll stickers from '92 that my pal Vanessa thrifted for me!

Sarah and Colin have an Etsy Shop you can check out, and here's a link to Sarah's blog: Unicorn Poo

Alright, y'all- see you on the other side of Hallmarket!

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