Monday, April 23, 2012

Allyson Makes: Baby Animal Face Blanket

Hola Friends!

I finally finished this baby blanket after a few hiccups (running out of yarn... not being able to find any more of the yarn in the same color... that kid of stuff). But I knocked out the finishing touches last night, thanks to a few hours on the couch with a Monk marathon.

I crocheted a mini afghan, about 2.5 x 2.5 ft, then made a few triangle pieces for the ears and a bigger one with a right angle for the head. Sewed them all up with some felt added for details, crocheted about 12 stitches in two rows around a circle for the eyes, and voila!

The blanket is for little baby Gordon, who belongs to two pretty awesome friends- Sophie and Michael Pullen. Check out Sophie's blog here. She writes about her family and interior design stuff. Maybe she'll post a picture of little Gordie wrapped up in his new blankie when it arrives! (hint hint).

Anyway, hope he loves it!


Phyllis Rutler said...

Allyson, that is sooooooooo cute!!. You are so talented. Is there anything you can't do ??

Allyson said...

Haha! Thanks! I may be able to do anything, but you'll have to wait forever to get it-- sound like anyone else you're related to??

thetadaaablog said...

My comment is long over due! We love Gordon's blanket. I hope he comes to love it too:) I will do a blog post about it!