Monday, November 7, 2011

Crochet Blanket and Halloween Recap

My buddy Meredith got married last week and for a gift, I decided to crochet the happy couple a purple blanket to snuggle up under. I tried a new stitch, and I love the results. Even my pro-knitting / anti-crochet co-worker loved it, saying, "that looks like a knitting pattern!"

What do you think?

In other news, Halloween has come and gone. And while I was sad about not being in Milwaukee to throw our annual Halloween dance party, I got to enjoy the holiday in my new town, with my new co-workers...

I dressed as the Sun-Maid Raisin lady! All of the fake grapes were found sitting around my grandma's house :) I altered a t-shirt to match the one in the logo, and I made the bonnet in about 20 minutes after watching  this handy youtube tutorial:

My manager, Jim, dressed as Porter Wagoner, and did a mighty fine job on creating his costume. Check out the shotgun going up the leg, and the cactus on the sleeve! 

My co-worker, Asuza (the pink monkey), and two of her friends win for my favorite costume of the year though. I kind of want to steal one of those costumes :)

So that was my Halloween! How was yours? What did you dress up as? I'm going to ask questions to promote commenting! Is anybody reading? I promise to write more posts in the future :)

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mcaelyn said...

I didn't go as anything, not the biggest fan of Halloween. But your coworker's costumes were pretty amazing. I expected nothing less for you Hallmark-ers though ; )