Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lil Woodworkers

Hi Pals!

I am always in favor of programs and outlets that give kids a chance to put their imagination and creativity to good use.  So when my buddy Michael told me about Lil Woodworkers, a woodworking shop offering classes for kids and teens, I thought "That sounds awesome! ...and potentially dangerous" :)

Lil Woodworkers is the brainchild of Michael's 'work wife' (their words), Tommy. The shop was opening soon and Lil Woodworkers needed a logo! Since I am inclined to support such endeavors, I took on the job of drawing up Tommy's three kids into a cartoon logo for him.

It was a fun task, and I really like the way it turned out! Have a look...


You should also check out the Lil Woodworkers face book page. And if you happen to live in the San Antonio area, and have kiddos, sign them up for a class! I'm sure it'll be fun! (and P.S.- I do believe there are adult classes available as well)




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