Sunday, July 15, 2012

Allyson Instructs: Recycled CD Sleeves

OK, grab a box from your recycle bin. Personally, I like to eat a lot of cereal. In this picture, I am trying to impress you by using a semi-healthy looking cereal box as my example.

Anyway... got your box?  Your going to want to flatten that sucker out...

Good job! Now this step requires some other materials: a ruler (a metal ruler will work best, because you're going to using a blade up against that thing), a cutting mat, and some kind of blade (x-acto, box cutter, whatevs). Once you have all your materials collected, use them to cut off the end of the box with all the flaps on it.

Sweet! Now we have a clean edge to measure from! Use that handy ruler, and measure 5.5 inches from the edge you just whacked off. Slice it off! This piece you just cut off will make 2 sleeves. A normal sized cereal box will usually be enough to make 4 sleeves. But as we all know, some of those boxes are just not quite as big as we wish they were.

Alright, now shove the rest of the box aside, because we're just going to use that 5.5 inch wide piece you just made. In this step, were going to basically cut that piece in half. However, I like all my cd sleeves to be the same size, so I measure out 5 inches from each side. Some boxes are not 10 inches wide, though, so you can choose whatever your box will allow. While it's very important to measure the full 5.5 inches in step 3 for the width, it doesn't matter so much how tall your cd sleeve is. You can fudge it a bit.

This part might be tricky. The only thing you really need to remember in this step is to keep your blade away from the folded edge. You're going to need that folded edge- it's the bottom of our sleeve. Other than that, we're just cutting off a corner. Right or left, it doesn't matter, just so long as it's on the top. If you want to keep your edge consistent on all your sleeves, like I do, you can measure the distance from each side. I measure it so that there is 2 inches left on both sides I am cutting. If that doesn't make sense to you, check out the diagram at the bottom of the post.

WOW! WOOPEEEE!!! You're ready to sew up the sides! Awesome!!!!! Look at the diagram at the bottom of the post if you're not sure which sides to stitch. Just stitch a quarter inch seam up each side, aaaaand.....

Excellent job! I'm so proud of you! Aren't you happy?? Now you can impress that special someone with both your eclectic music taste AND your crafting skillz!


sasakc20 said...

Very cool! Now only if I had a sewing machine :S

Allyson said...

well, you'll just have to come to my house and make some :)